A Royal Update

Well, a few weeks back Half Brothers Brewery in Grand Forks decided they'd honor the morning show on XL93 by naming one of their delicious brews after myself and Trevor D. We then opened it up to your suggestions. Not only were we looking for a name, we were looking for suggestions on what type of beer it should be. One of my favorites was a play on our weekly What's the deal with Wednesday segment. A man called in one morning and suggested the name "Whats the Deal Witbeir," and let me tell you, I thought that was about as clever as it gets. But there were SO many! So many calls, emails and facebook suggestions. 

So what did you decide on RJ? well, it was suggested a time or two that Trevor and I are Radio ROYALTY in a way. At first this idea made us chuckle a little bit. Contrary to popular belief, Trevor D and I are modest, if not overtly self deprecating individuals. Our ears collectively burn at such comments. However, we realized we DO say "ROYAL" in terrible British accents on the air all the time. It goes back to the recent "Royal wedding." When the coverage of the it was plastered all over the media we would give Royal Updates on....The Royal Wedding!!!! Soon we found ourselves using the accents when covering the scores of Kansas City baseball games. Now, we basically say it any and every time the opportunity arises. If it doesn't arise, we find some silly excuse at least to say "THE ROYAL" something or other. Listeners know what I'm talking about #amirite?

So, that leads me to the answer to that question you asked in the last paragraph. What did you decide on RJ? Well, I am pleased to announce the coming creation of "Trevor and RJ's Royal Ale" The Roooooyal Ale?!! That's right, The ROOOOYAL ale! (I'm implying a British accent here, but have no idea how to emphasize this through spelling, so bear with me.) 

So, we now have the name of our beer. The Royal Ale will feature old Trevor and RJ on the can dressed in some sort of regal threads. I drew the jester straw, so I guess I'll be the lovable joke maker, while Trevor will play the part of stone cold ruler that everyone's afraid of. The picture I've included is a working idea of our pose for the can, which will of course be characterized and made even more fun in the final logo. Being royal, our new Half Brothers beer HAS to be an ale. But I'll let you know in the next update what flavor that ale will be so stay tuned. In the meantime know this, the night we unveil this nectar of the gods, it's gonna be a big deal guys. There's gonna be a party for the ages at Half Brothers that you won't want to miss. There'll be a delicious new beer to try, RJ's band will be performing live on stage and I've heard rumors there'll be paper crowns available to our first guests. It's gonna be a ROOOOOYAL Party for the Roooooyal ALE! Party date tentatively set for January 4th. Save the date and stay tuned for updates.-RJ 

Brainstorming Can Logo Poses


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