They're Not Even Trying Anymore

Disclaimer: Though I'm writing about this as though I think it's a bad idea, This idea does not bother me. In fact I'll probably be trying some in the very near future. That being said..

Long ago breakfast cereal makers used to tell us all kids' cereals were created equal, and that all flavors were in fact part of a complete breakfast. We knew better, but we didn't say anything. I mean, cocoa puffs and cookie crisp were fine with us for crying out loud. Well, gone are the days of blurred lines. We have now entered a new age of clarity. Next month a couple of new cereals will hit the shelves and prove to be nothing more than early morning desserts. 

Hostess and Post have announced the latest breakfast conversions in the form of Honey Bun and POWDERED DONUT CEREALS! These should also end  up being part of a complete breakfast I'm sure. As long as those breakfasts include a side of bacon, eggs, orange juice, kale juice, fresh blueberries, various nuts and leafy greens you should be fine. Look for them to hit shelves in January. 



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