New Offensive Term & Their Hilarious Alternatives

So, here's another list for ya. In case you haven't realized by now that most of the things you say are offensive to someone somewhere then this could prove educational. A vegan on social media recently posted a PETA approved list of terms we all use with their clever but ridiculous alternatives. Here we go!

1, Instead of "kill two birds with one stone" ... use, "FEED two birds with one SCONE" instead you savage

2. Instead of "take the bull by the horns: ... use, "Take the flower by the THORNS"

3. Never say "more than one way to skin a cat" ya animal ... instead say "there's more than one way to peel a potato." At least until the potato activists hear about it. At which point we'll probably need a revision here. 

4. Instead of saying "you let the cat out of the bag" ... say "you spilled the beans."

5. No more "being the guinea pig" either...instead say, "be the test tube."

6. Instead of saying "open a can of worms" ... say "open Pandora's box." 

7. Keeping "all your eggs in one basket" is pure evil, instead it would be more appropriate to "keep all your berries in one bowl. 

8. Finally refrain from saying 'beating a dead horse" ... instead say "FEEDING a FED horse." 

This handy list should keep you from offending someone today...for a few minutes anyway. Put that in  your pipe and smoke it. 




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