Fun Winter Facts

Alright, we're about to hit a cold snap in a few days. Wind chills well below zero and air temps not far behind. The best part of it is, winter doesn't even officially START for about three weeks. But lets not dwell on that, lets warm up with some fun winter facts!

The annual wintertime survey just came out and they included a new statistic this year. Did you know the average American will be sneezed on six times this winter? Well it's true and here are some more chilling facts.

The average person is going to slip and fall seven times this season... step in two puddles (they can't be counting "shoe puddles" by the front door, cuz that would number in the thousands)... we're gonna have eight winter related driving scares...oh and we're gonna complain about the weather five times...PER DAY!! Also, according to the survey the thing we dislike the most happens to be cold hands and feet. Up here in the tundra I don't even notice that one anymore. I'd have to say icy roads and poor travel conditions are the worst. It's such an inconvenience, especially for the commuter. As for the rest of these stats, my guess is they didn't survey North Dakotans or Minnesotans because I slipped on the ice 7 times before breakfast so that stat seems a bit low.-RJ




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