Top Ten Gifts Kids Are Asking For In 2018

If you're still trying to decide what to get the youngins for Christmas this year take a look at this. A recent gift-giving survey asked 2000 parents what their kids have been asking for and only 6 in 10 are tech related. Less than I thought it would be. Here's the top ten

1. Computer games

2. Legos

3. Clothes. Especially the older kids

4. Books

5. New phone

6. Video Game consoles 

7. Board Games (I'm as surprised as you are)

8. iPads and tablets 

9. A new laptop

10. DVD's and digital movies

A few of the classics that missed the top ten included new bikes at #11... Nerf toys at #12 and action figures came in at #14. I always felt bad for the kids who got bikes for Christmas here on the tundra though. Here they have this great gift that they won't be able to right for at least another five to six months. Oh well, if that's what they want huh?



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