Modern Technology Does At Least Save Us Time

People seem to enjoy bashing our modern conveniences about as much as they enjoy using them, but really they aren't all that bad. Granted, our technology may be stealing our identity, brainwashing and depressing us while at the same time turning our kids into zombies, BUT, besides all that stuff, we sure are saving a lot of time.

A study found that all the technology we have is actually saving us a full two weeks each year. And that adds up to about two-and-a-half years in your lifetime. To give some examples, here's the top 10 things that save us the most time

1. Online Banking. Oh man, remember having to balance checkbooks and waiting for statements? Personally I don't. But I'm sure it was terrible.

2. Email. Think about that. Finding stamps, envelopes, walking to the mailbox? That took forever! 

3. Microwaves. Remember making nachos in the oven? Enough said

4. Online Shopping. No fighting crowds, long lines, finding parking spaces. Very time consuming. 

5. Cell Phones. No more having to talk face to face. Text messages get us out of lengthy conversations

6. The TV Remote. I don't even want to think about life without this

7. Laptops. 

8. Self Checkout

9. Frozen Meals. This one goes with microwaves really. Clearly a time saver

10. GPS. No more maps, no more asking for directions. 

(London Economic) 



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