Your Christmas Spirit Peaks at...

So, do you still feel the Christmas spirit every year, or did the feeling peak at 14? According to a recent poll, that's the age when the magic reaches its ultimate level. After that, everything starts to feel less and less magical. Although, this tends to go back up once you have your own little kids at home, so that's good news.

The poll also asked people about some of America's old holiday traditions and whether or not they still participate in them. They came up with a list of 5 holiday traditions now considered outdated. The vast majority of Americans DO NOT plan on doing these this year...

1. Going door to door caroling 

2. Making gingerbread houses

3. Drinking eggnog

4. Hanging mistletow.

5. Tipping the mailman.

BUT, two holiday traditions are still gaining in popularity so it's not ALL downhill from here. Traditions gaining steam in the modern age are Secret Santa gift exchanges and ugly sweater parties. 




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