Beware of Holiday Scams

You probably already knew this, but there's always someone out there trying desperately to ruin it for everyone else. In the spirit of preventing any holiday financial tragedies, here's some scams to be on the lookout for this Christmas.

1. Social media gift exchanges. These often show up in our feeds around the holidays. They promise you several gifts in exchange of sending one. It's a pyramid scheme. Don't waste your time

2. Free gift cards. These are usually offered in phishing emails or pop-up ads. DO NOT click on any links or offer any personal information. That's how they get ya.

3. Unusual forms of payments. If you buy something online, keep an eye out for anyone asking for a payment form that can't be traced or undone such as prepaid debit or gift cards. And don't get me started on wire transfers

4. Fake shipping notifications. Scammers send these fake shipping confirmation emails in the hopes that it will trick you into entering personal information and or passwords. Some may even ask for money so you can receive your package. Yep, it's a scam.

5. Phony charities. Some fake charities have names that sound similar to well-known organizations...if you're on the fence, try the website to verify whether or not the charity you're considering actually exists. 

6. Temporary holiday jobs. Here's one a lot of people never think of. If the others on this list seem obvious, this one is harder to spot. Especially when you're desperate for some extra holiday cash. Scammer use fake job postings to get personal information from applicants. Stay away from any job that would require you to pay for equipment or software upfront. Also, be very suspicious of an "employer" that asks for personal information over the phone before they can "set up a meeting or interview."

Knowledge is power my friends, so use this information, be careful and stay happy this Christmas

(Better Business Bureau)




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