Five Most Common Robocalls

The Better Business Bureau recently posted a list of the most common scams we all fell for in 2018. I don't know if they're planning some sort of scam awards banquet or what. But whatever the reason, here's a list of the top scams that tricked us last year.

1. Caller I.D spoofing. This is the one where a spam call comes from a number in your own area code. And apparently a LOT of people fall for this one everyday. Myself included. 

2. Chinese consulate scam. You basically have to speak Mandarin for this one to affect you, but a lot of people speak Mandarin. So many in fact it comes in at number 2. This scam involves a call saying there's a package for you at the consulate. All you have to do is give up your credit card information to retrieve it. Suuuure.

3. Health Insurance Scams. First you get a call offering a better plan with a great discount. So you call back and they ask for your information of course. There's usually a rise in this one around the holidays by the way.

4. Search Engine Optimizaton. This one hits small businesses. Owners get a robocall claiming they are about to be dropped by googles index unless they pay up. 

5. IRS Scams. A robocall claims its the IRS trying to get in touch with you about a tax bill They make it sound urgent. It isn't. 

Just an fyi. A recent study found most robocal scammers hit you on a Monday. Terrific huh?



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