My Favorite Tunes on XL93 in 2018

So, here we are. 2018 is about to be in our rear view mirror. And boy do I love a good year end Review. There was some great music on the radio this year and there'll be a lot of countdowns on the air over the next few days so I won't steal their thunder. I'm simply gonna name my personal favorites out of the list of our most played songs in 2018. Some of these songs came out last year, but they were still among the most played, so I can get away with it. 

1. Ride - 21 Pilots: Great song, vocals, lyrics, nearly a perfect pop song

2. High Hopes - Panic at the Disco : Positive energy, inspiring, terrific

3. Good Old Days - Mackelmore & Kesha : Nostalgic, great song to make ya think

4. Broken - Lovelytheband : Simple pop tune with common chord progression and beat, sounds a lot like cool kids by Echosmith, BUT, it's still a great song. I can't seem to get enough of it. And as a DJ, nothing is better than the thrill of "talking up the ramp and hitting the post" on this song amirite?

5.  Young Dumb & Broke : Great melody and vocals and the blunt but oh so true lyrics hit RJ in the feels. Though I'm now Old, Dumber & Broken, I can still relate

Honorable Mentions

1. It Ain't Me - Selena Gomez : Great melody and the high notes Selena hits on the chorus makes the song as powerful as it is beautiful

2. Perfect - Ed Sheeran : This song got a lot of airplay and though I am suffering some burnout, we can't forget how sweet the lyrics are here. They don't make songs like this anymore and no doubt it will be played at weddings across the country for the next two decades

Up and Coming 

1) Close to Me -Ellie Goulding : Love the groove of this tune and it will no doubt be big in 2019

Most Overrated Songs of 2018

I realize I could lose some friends over this, so believe me, just because I think it's overrated doesn't mean I HATE it. It just means that I think it got more attention that it deserved.

1. In My Feelings- Drake

2. God's Plan -Drake

3.  Breathin- Ariana Grande : 

The overrated list was the hardest to make actually. I don't like to offend of course and some of the songs are perfectly fine, they just got a bit TOO much love is all. 

Happy New Year! -RJ



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