Surprising Tech Comeback in 2019?

According to androidcentral, Samsung will be releasing a foldable cell phone in 2019. We know them as "flip phones." Now hold on here, this isn't going to be your grand ma's flip phone. It will of course have smart phone technology. The experts say expect these first foldable phone models to be a bit bulky, but they also say not to be discouraged, they will slim down in the future.  So, why would flip phones make a comeback you ask? Well for one, they say people have an appetite for bigger screens but they don't have the pocket space for these "phablets." A foldable phone can help solve this issue. The other reason is that people are flat out getting tired of breaking their screens. Think about that. You drop a thousand dollar phone, glass first on a cement road and that think is probably toast. A good old fashioned flip phone offers your screen a heck of a lot more protection. See kids, maybe grand ma wasn't so crazy after all. Here's to a new year of old tech!!



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