Baby Names Trending For 2019

Here we go, more projections for the New Year. This time let's talk about baby names. What will parents be naming their new borns in 2019? According to Nameberry, some baby names will always be popular but every year parents will also attempt to find something inspirational and unique for their tots and this year will probably be no different. Nameberry believes they can actually predict what's gonna be hot this year so, lets get to it. Baby naming trends for 2019...

Global Names - They say people will be looking for global names with diverse origins this year like, Cyrene, Jedda, Acacius and others.

Mutes Hues - Naming kids after colors will still be popular but not necessarily bright colors. Instead parents will be going for muted tones like Ash, Mauve, Ivory or perhaps a nice Lavender

Rare Gems - Like Emerald, Garnet, Peridot and my personal favorite, Sapphire

Old School Nickname Names for Boys - These will include names like Billy, Ace, Buddy, Jimmy and the like

The Letter "F" - More people are picking names that start with "F" these days, including Fay, Felix, Fern, Frankie and even Frost

Three Letters - Hal, Liv, Rio and Van seem to be trending so far

The Vowel "U" - Nameberry says you can expect a lot of names that feature "U" this year such as Huge, Jude and True

There you go, I hope parents expecting this year found some inspiration here, but no matter what you go with I'm sure your little bundle of joy will be perfect.




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