When Exactly IS " Beer O' Clock?"

We've heard it a million times; "hey man, looks like it's about beer o'clock by my watch." Here in the red river valley people often use "beer thirty" or even "miller time" on occasion if they're a bit older. But we all know what these phrases mean... "I'm sick of working, lets go grab a beer somewhere, after all, it's 5 o' clock somewhere." 

So when IS Beer o 'clock? Really, when people use that term or others like it, they don't really think about exactly WHEN it's gonna happen, they just know it NEEDS to happen. Beer thirty could fall at 3:07 P.M and still be described as a beer "thirty" for example. 

Anyway, a study has now figured out that "beer o'clock" occurs at 6:31 P.M on Friday. So, I guess happy hour tomorrow is the exact time that most of us will agree to have a few suds together. May I suggest dropping by Half Brothers in Grand Forks? See ya there!

Some more results from the beer study... 

1. 52% of people say that TASTE is the number one factor when they pick a beer. Again, check out Half Brothers. They've got taste covered. 

2. The average person switches their favorite beer every four years. This means my dad is far from average. He's had Old Milwaukee on the top of his list for about 40 years. 

3. One out of three people say they're intimidated by craft beer. Yeah, there's a lot of choices out there, but it's not like having to order a fancy wine when you don't know what you're talking about. Craft beers are simply an adventure of flavor if you ask me.

stats from ( BroBible)  



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