New Bucket Could Feed Your Kids For 6 Months!

27 LB Bucket of Mac and Cheese

I have two young daughters. And those of you in such a parenting position have probably noticed the same thing I have by now; these kids could LIVE on mac and cheese. Like every day, every meal, for an entire year or longer. They don't seem to tire of it. If I didn't force them to eat other foods I have no doubt they turn orange. Now, I would never allow my little ones to eat this every day until it was gone, but it sure would be handy to have around. You see Costco has just started selling a 27-pound BUCKET of mac and cheese! That works out to six gallons for about 180 servings. Oh and it has a shelf live of 20 YEARS! 

That my friends is handy AND economical. No more running out of the boxed stuff. You wouldn't even have to worry about it at all in fact, for like two decades. If you want one, unfortunately they are sold out, but when they're back in stock they only cost $90! That works out to about $2 dollars a serving. I don't know, It sort of makes sense to me. 



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