At What Age Do You Feel "Too Old to Work Out?"

So when do we start feeling "too old" to work out? I've personally never felt too young or old. I have however felt I was too LAZY to work out. For this reason I've avoided any sort of intentional exercise since about 2004. But what about normal people? Those far less lazy than me. When do they believe they are just too old to hit the gym? A new study says most people feel they've past their prime by age 41. This doesn't mean they up and quit working out all together, it just means they start to feel too old for it all by then. 

On a side note, here are some of the most popular excuses people of all ages use to avoid exercising:

1. Too tired, 56%

2. Too much work to do, 36%

3. It's already too late, 30 %

4. Bad weather, 28 %

5. Ate too much, 23%

6. Stayed too late at work, 22%

7. Would rather watch netflix at home, 15% (these are the most honest people in the survey)

8. It was dark outside, 12%

9. Bad traffic, 12 %  (can't really use that one in ND, but we could try I suppose)

10. Workout buddy cancelled, 11% (blaming the other guy is always effective)

Stats from (SWNS)



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