Women Spend $3 Dollars a Day on Their Face

A recent study found that the average woman spends about $3 a day on her face. I guess that really doesn't sound all that bad but when you start adding it up over the years, it starts to look a little worse.

The study shows women are spending their three daily dollars on makeup, creams, moisturizers, serums and more for their mug every single day. Again, this is the AVERAGE, there are no doubt women who go far above and beyond this amount on a daily basis. But just for fun, lets do the math on the average ladies. 

$3 a day works out to be...

1. $90 a month

2. $1, 095 per year

3. $10,950 per decade

4. This all means over the course of an average human lifetime from about age 16 to 81, our beautiful ladies are spending about $71,175! 

The study didn't figure out what the average man spends on his face each day but you can bet it's far less than that. Who knows if that's a good thing or not. 



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