Can You Eat...?

The internet is a wild place my friends, even so, one day people will run out of crazy things to ask it. Luckily for us that day is not today. Apparently a big trend on Google right now is to ask the search engine what you can and can't eat. According to Google, one of the top "can you eat" suggestions is "Flamingo."

Now, I know you won't admit it, but I bet you're curious so I'll save you the trouble of searching. You CAN eat flamingo! Just not legally. In the U.S and many other countries it is in fact illegal to hunt or eat the famous bird. But if you found yourself at some exotic underground meat buffet you can rest assured that it IS safe to eat. It's just not all that good. Flamingo apparently tastes more like duck with a slightly fishy taste. Knowing this, I can personally say I'm over my curiosity, I don't know about you. 




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