Five Ways to Avoid Being Late to Things

So, you're always late. You can never seem to stay on schedule. I know it's hard sometimes but there are a few tips that can help you stay on track each day.

  1. Rounding up. When you're estimating how long it'll take to do something or get somewhere, the experts say to round up to the nearest 10. So, instead of planning on the morning commute taking 14 minutes, assume it will take 20. This should allow for a little wiggle room. Seems obvious, but most people under estimate.
  2. Learn to Wait. They say that people who are rarely late to things tend to spend a lot of time in their car. I can definitely attest to this. I was in the Alerus Center parking lot before our Everything for Weddings event for no less that 40 minutes. I was so nervous I would be late, that I ended up being nearly an hour early. If you're worried about what to do in the car for that hour, you could always listen to the radio, bring a book or maybe even enjoy some time on your phone, guilt free for once.
  3. Buy a wall clock. Old fashioned tech can come in handy sometimes. It helps to have a giant clock in plain sight so that you never lose track of the time. People tend to use their cell phones as their clocks now. And although you probably check said cell phone every 5 seconds throughout the day, you might actually stop looking at it for a few minutes when you're getting ready, or looking for keys etc. That's when a giant wall clock comes in handy. A big beautiful reminder that you best hurry it up.
  4. Time yourself. If you're always late, maybe you need to assess how long things are taking you on a daily basis so you can plan accordingly. Try using a stopwatch tomorrow and see how much time you spend getting ready. Then get up earlier if you have to.
  5. Stop making excuses. They say if you're just "really busy." Or if you always seem to be late, it might actually be because being on time isn't exactly a priority for you. Once you MAKE it a priority, you will be on time more often than not.




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