Natural Light is Expanding its Horizons

Remember 2 years ago when my brother and I literally bought Grafton out of Natural Light over the course of two weeks? I'm sure we had help from the community (I hope), but it really happened. By the end of my bro's vacation, neither bottle shop had any of our cheap college beer on hand. Anyway, I think my hometown has remedied that situation and now has enough Natty Light on hand to supply a small army. So I guess I'm typing this to give them all a heads up. You folks might want to stock up on the latest variety of the Natty because this sounds delicious.

Natural Light has just released a new variety of beer called Naturdays. Naturdays! I love it already! It's strawberry lemonade flavor and it sounds glorious. By the way if you're as curious as I am about the taste, it started showing up in stores this week so keep on the look out.



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