Are We Being "Vacation Shamed" at Work?

Alright, let me start off by saying the last time I took a full week vacation was June of 2006. Since then I've only taken 3 days off in a row at most. If, since 2006, I've happened to take a week off, I've at least done SOME aspects of my job, be it recording commercials or working in the evenings. I say this because despite the stats, I STILL never SHAME anyone for using their vacation days. You see, I realize I would have nothing to do and nowhere to go on vacation anyway. If I did, I'd take the time off. I harbor no resentment to my coworkers who use the days they've earned throughout the year to recharge the batteries a bit. However, my attitude on the subject is apparently not all that common. And today I've got the stats to back it up.

According to a new survey, 48% of people have been outright shamed by their coworkers for taking vacation days. Either because it makes their job harder or they're just plain jealous. I feel like it's more of the latter than the former. However, before we start pointing fingers, the research shows that 36% of US have admitted to vacation shaming others.

As we draw closer to the vacation season, here are some more stats for you.

  1. Only 45% of us used all our vacation days last year. That's actually down from 51% the year before. Oh, and the people who had unused days are more likely to be the "vacation shaming" coworkers.
  2. 28% of us have made vacatio plans based on how good the photos would look on social media. And parents are more likely to do that than people without kids. I gotta say, that's not cool man
  3. 34% of us post vacation pics online JUST to show off and again parents do it more often. Again, not cool man.
  4. 21% of us have felt anxious when people didn't "like" or comment on our vacation photos fast enough. And there ya go, If you didn't post the pics you wouldn't have to worry about that. And if we started taking vacations for the right reasons, Those days off would do us a whole lot more good.
  5. And a full ONE THIRD of us have seen social media RUIN a vacation before. Too much phone time causes drama and that's what we try to escape on vacation in the first place!

So there ya go, That's a reason I don't take a lot of vacations. When I think of a place that "I" wanna go, I'll go, and I won't feel bad about it. I'm certainly not gonna go on vacation to brag about it on social media. But if my coworkers want to do it then that's cool with me. No shame from this guy.



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