Snorting Sugar Helps Battle Lung Disease???

First off, this is NOT medical advice. I am not telling you to do this and I am only relaying what I read. This sounds insane to me. But according to biologists at the University of Manchester in England, one of the best ways to fight lung disease and other respiratory problems is...SNORTING SUGAR!

Honestly, this was in an article I stumbled upon today. These biologists say that when you stimulate the cells in your nose and lungs with sugar, it helps build your immune system to fight off infections and diseases. This sounds crazy to me. So crazy in fact that I decided to dig a little deeper.

In their entry in the journal Nature Immunology, published on Monday, the scientists state the lungs macrophages, which are specialized white blood cells that clear debris, had unexpected reactions to glucose. What this means is that by stimulating these macrophages with more sugar, we could actually help our body stave off infection. Again, this information is based of studies in mice and you should go out and try snort sugar today or anything. But it sure is interesting ain't it?



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