Best and Worst Days to Buy Gas

Good old Always there to make us feel good when gas prices fall. Yet also there to devastate us when prices trend upwards. This time though at least they're trying. The website went though a pile of data to find the best and the worst days of the week to buy gas in all 50 states.

Now, if you follow their advice you aren't gonna save MUCH, but every little bit helps huh? according to gasbuddy, the average driver could save $30 bucks a year by buying gas on the correct day. You could save more if you drive more. I drive about 100 miles a day getting to work and back, so I absolutely intend on following.

They found in general, the best days to buy gas are Monday and Tuesday. This is especially true on Monday mornings, because stations normally don't bump the prices til the afternoon.

Monday is the cheapest day in 29 states including North Dakota, while Tuesday is the best day in 19 states such as Minnesota. Hawaii is the only state where Wednesday is the cheapest.

Oh and if you're wondering when NOT to buy gas, that appears to be Friday. Gas stations tend to bump their prices on Fridays to capitalize on all the drivers leaving town for the weekend.

Makes sense to me. I will most definitely start filling my tank on Monday and hoping to goodness that it cast me the week



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