We All Have Short Memories Apparently

So this morning when I checked my facebook memories I saw something pretty interesting. Personally I love the memory feature on facebook. It gives us a little glimpse, or in this case, a literal snapshot of our past on a daily basis. Facebook has been around a long time at this point. I signed up for my account in 2006 for crying out loud. 2006! That's 13 years ago you realize right? What's crazy is that I think I've changed my profile picture a total of seven times since then. That means a "facebook stalker" is a mere 7 clicks away from seeing me in my early 20's. That's kind of creepy when you think about it. I realize pictures have been around for 150 years at this point, but our old photo albums seldomly had pictures that spanned decades so close together. That picture of you taking your first steps usually wasn't in the same album as that photo of you standing by the "sold" sign outside your first home. You get what I'm saying? It's just strange to be a few clicks away from the past like that. But for all the bad press Facebook gets (and deserves). there are some positives.

For starters, very few people keep a diary these days. Without a diary or a journal, we easily forget so many things in our lives. I was forced to keep a journal for English in 9th grade and I LOVE to go back and see what was on my mind in those days. But if you don't keep a record, those days are lost forever. Facebook is essentially a cooler way of keeping a journal. Another thing we don't do anymore is write letters to each other. I have physical correspondence between my grandmother and her sister in the 1930's at my house. This offers at least a little insight into the type of person she was long before I met her. The day of the letter is long gone and probably never coming back. How are future generations going to know who we were? What will they have to look back on? Well, we may not be leaving many letters behind, but Facebook may be the best way ever to learn about grandma. Think about that? In 50 years, should facebook survive, for better or worse, your grandchildren will be just a few clicks away from seeing a 20 year old grandparent taking duck face selfies and closing down the bars. It's scary, but they'll be able to see the real you for the most part.

So where are you going with this RJ? Well, in typical wordy fashion, I just wanted to mention that a Facebook memory showed me today that we all have horrible memories. We were slammed by a terrible winter storm last Thursday. And we cried about it. We whined that winter should be over, that it's never been so horrible and we all wanted to move. I admit, I joined in on the chorus of complainers. I thought to myself, "this has to be the worst winter I've ever lived through." And I stood by my words...that is until this morning. You see according to Facebook, on this date SIX YEARS AGO, I snapped a picture at work, and I wasn't too happy about it. Yep, according to facebook, I was working radio in Grafton when back in 2013 I took a pic of the aftermath of a recent storm. It was cold, the ground was white, and I remember now that the wind was almost ready to blow down the greenhouse in the Pamida parking lot. You can see exactly what I wrote above. And I can guarantee you that back in 2013 I thought THAT was the worst winter on record. Had facebook been around in 1998 I would have probably been reminded of some snow storm in June though who knows. All I'm saying here today is that the moral of the story is, no matter how bad things get, they could always be worse.



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