Get Ready For Half Fest

I was looking at the forecast this morning and much to my surprise, we're actually in for a few nice days by the looks of it. In fact it's even likely we'll be blessed with a beautiful weekend too. Being that it's Easter and all, good weather is a welcome sight. And while many may have plans to leave the area, there'll be plenty of us sticking around or visiting Grand Forks this weekend. So for those last two groups of people, I might just have an event suggestion for you.

Grand Forks is home to an awesome local brewery called Half Brothers. Micro brews are popular these days. It seems like there's one or more in every city but I find Half Brothers to be a cut above the rest. Their motto is "welcome to the family" and it's not just something they say either. The guys at Half Brothers have succeeded in creating an atmosphere that feels like home. We'll talk about the beer in a minute. For now I really want to focus on the family vibe at Half Brothers. For one, there's local entertainment Tuesdays-Saturdays every week and there's NEVER a cover charge. I mean, you don't charge your FAMILY for such things do you? You can head to Half Brothers, have a beer, maybe a strawberry Fanta, a loaf of homemade bread; maybe a pizza, enjoy a great show AND you can even bring your lil' ones. This isn't some seedy bar. It's like a visit to the library. Only a library with live music, beer and great food!

Half Brothers is also very involved in the community. They raise money for local charities, like Spin for Kids which provides services and equipment to children with special needs in the community. They donated a portion of their proceeds for an entire day to that this year. These are good people I'm telling you. These guys are so nice in fact they want to show their appreciation for US this Saturday.

To celebrate their 1.5 year anniversary (which I think is hilarious AND genius) Half Brothers is throwing "Half Fest," and it's going to be glorious. There's gonna be music all day! FREE music all day. Not only that, but yours truly will be hitting the stage at 630 with December's Children. Now, I must tell you that since our drummer was injured in a unicycle accident, we'll be playing an acoustic set, but it'll still be fun. As for the other artists, the Downtown Horns will play after us and Paint the Town will headline the night. Now seriously, the Downtown Horns are amazing. They have to be my favorite local band ever. And that INCLUDES my own. And you know how arrogant us musician types are. It takes an awful lot for me I hope you realize to admit I like another band so much. But I do. I really do. In fact, I've gained a lot of respect for LOTS of local artists thanks to Half Brothers. Their support of original music has exposed so many ears to so many great songs, and Half Fest is a way to celebrate that fact. So really, come celebrate with the family this weekend.

Here's a full rundown of the day :




We can't wait to celebrate our 1.5 year anniversary with you!

Rotating taps all day!

Live music all day! Starts at 11am!

Swing on by!

Live Music:









We can't wait to see you there! Everyone is Welcome!




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