Americans Sitting Longer Than Ever

Well, big news flash here, but Americans are now spending most of their precious time sitting down. Yeah, not a big surprise I'm sure. I mean look at us. A new study suggests the Average American now spends 6 hours and 24 minutes of each day sitting. I don't know whats more depressing though, the fact we are sitting that long, or that I totally expected it to be more. Really, if you figure we sleep 8 hours a night, if we're sitting for almost another 7, that means we only spend about 7 hours of each day moving. And I bet you most of those hours on our feet are spent at work. Doesn't sound like making the most out of each day to me.

This trend is happening fast too. The new figure is almost a full hour longer than we did a decade ago. But if you think 6 hours and 24 minutes of sitting each day for the American adult was bad, let's look at the American teenager shall we? Yep, the average teen spends EIGHT hours and 12 minutes sitting each and every day in this country. How did this happen? Well, you pretty much guessed it I'm sure. Computers and phones are the culprit. Netflix didn't do us a lot of favors either thought. Here's some more stats on screen time too if you'd like some motivation to break the trend.

65 % of adults and 59% of teens spend at least two hours a day watching TV or online videos. That includes 23% of us with at least FOUR hours of viewing time each day.

50% of adults and 57% of teenagers spend at least an hour a day OUTSIDE of work or school on a computer. While a full quarter of Americans spend at least 3 full hours of our spare time working on our computers.

I don't know about you but add that information to a beautiful day like today, and It sort of makes me wanna head outside!



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