Be Careful What You Wish For

Ancestry services are finding more and more hidden family secrets every day. Siblings are found to be unrelated. Couples are found to be close relatives. The proverbial light is now being shed on all the things our parents and grandparents thought they got away with and it's only going to keep happening. Take this story for instance.

A woman recently shared a story with a podcastabout the downside of the DNA testing kits she bought on her husband's birthday. Because . . . the results showed they were actually FIRST COUSINS. They have a two-year-old together and she says the results have wound up, quote, "poisoning" her marriage. They're first cousins on the paternal side . . . so the DNA test is basically saying the guy's father cheated on the guy's mother.

And the woman says, quote, "His parents have been married for 30 years . . . he will not talk about this to me, we are sleeping in separate rooms, and it is starting to affect our son." The hosts of the podcast couldn't really give her much advice, either . . . other than "get counseling" and "avoid DNA tests." 

(Scottish Sun)



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