A Glorious Reunion For Jurassic Park Fans

It's been 26 years sinceJeff Goldblum,Sam Neill, andLaura Dernstarred in the original"Jurassic Park". . . and now, they're reunitingfor the upcoming"Jurassic World 3".(Not to be confused with "Jurassic PARK 3".)

Goldblum has been in three of the five movies in the franchise so far, but he was NOT in 2001's"Jurassic Park 3", which was the ONLYsequelSam and Laurahave done. So this will be the first time they're ALL back.

All we know about"Jurassic World 3"is that it's supposed to come out in 2021 . . . and it'll be directed byColin Trevorrow, who also did the first"Jurassic World" in 2015.



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