Commute Times Are Up

I drive 40 miles to work every day. But with interstate speeds, it takes me about thirty eight minutes getting to and from work. Granted, this is only possible on the few non snow days we get here each here. It's really not that bad a commute though. And I was reminded of this fact today when I read that average commute times across the country were pretty close to my own. To me driving 40 miles in 38 minutes is a heck of a lot better than driving THREE miles in TWENTY minutes. I would never have the patience to be stuck in a line somewhere for any amount of time knowing that I would be home already if said line wasn't there. Give me an hour on the open and free road any day. Anyway..

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, commute times just hit an all-time high. The average American's commute was 27 minutes one way last year . . . that's two minutes more than it was a decade ago. And that adds up. It's an extra 20 minutes a week . . . or 17 extra hours a year.

And all in all, the average person spends 225 hours, or nine full calendar days, commuting in a year. So what's leading to the increases in commute time? One of the big reasons is cities not having enough housing, so people move further away . . . THEN cities not spending on roads and transportation, which makes their drives tougher. 

(Norwich Bulletin)



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