Frying Still the Most Popular Way to Prepare Bacon

An old poll a while back found 70% of the bacon we consume is eaten at breakfast. 11% is eaten at lunch, and 17% at dinner on things like burgers and salads. The remaining 2% is eaten as a snack.

So how do you COOK your bacon? In a pan or in the oven? A recent survey of 1,300 people ranked the four most popular ways to cook it. And there's a clear favorite . . .

1. In a skillet or frying pan, 46% of the vote.

2. In the oven, 18%.

3. In the microwave, 14%.

4. On the grill, 2%. 

18% of people said they don't cook bacon. And the remaining 2% either weren't sure, or said they cook it some other way. (Like how? In the sun?)

(You Gov/Bacon Today)



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