Top Gifts Couples Wish They'd Asked For

October is now the most popular month for weddings. So a new study looked at the top gifts couples want that they DON'T always register for. Researchers looked at how many couples register for certain things . . . how many are GLAD they did . . . and how many WISH they had.  

Here are the top ten wedding gifts they might want but not ask for . . .

1. A robotic vacuum or Roomba. 58% of couples who didn't ask for one wish they had. And only 12% of people who DID ask for one regret it now.

2. An air fryer. 48% wish they'd put it on their registry.

3. Lawn equipment and gardening stuff, 47%.

4. A vacuum sealer for food, 38%.

5. A backyard grill, 37%.

6. Luggage, 34%.

7. A bread maker, 31%.

8. A KitchenAid mixer, 27%.

9. A food processor, 26%.

10. Tools, also 26%.

(PR Newswire)



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