This Week's Nerd News Includes the Discovery of the Many Headed Slime

It's time for "Nerd News," the most important news for your brain you may have missed the last few days. Here's a quick rundown of this week in science . . .

1. Yesterday, NASAannouncedthe first all-female spacewalk would happen sometime this morning. The astronauts' names are Jessica Meir and Christina Koch. (Pronounced "Cook") It's Jessica's first spacewalk, and Christina's fourth.

It was originally supposed to happen in March. But the Space Station didn'thaveenough spacesuits in women's sizes. 

(You can check for updateshereandhere.)

2. A new study at Oregon Statefoundthe blue light from TVs and phones doesn't just keep us up at night . . . it might also make us age faster.

3. Researchers at Florida Statediscoveredthat strong hurricanes can cause the ocean floor to rumble like a 3.5-magnitude earthquake. And they came up with the intimidating name, "STORMQUAKES." They don't pose a risk to people though.

4. A zoo in Francehasa crazy blob-like creature on display that's not a plant, animal, OR fungus. Its Latin name literally translates as "the many-headed slime." Its specieshasbeen around billions of years . . . lives on forest floors . . . has 720 different sexes . . . is almost impossible to kill . . . and loves to eat oatmeal. (???)



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