Checking Work Emails at Home is GOOD For You

You'd think that it would be good for your company to say "no checking work emails at home." You'd think that would help you with work-life balance. You'd think that would help your quality of life. You'd think that would help you avoid burning out.

And according to one study . . . you'd be wrong. Researchers at the University of Sussex in England just released the results of a study that shows it can be BAD for people's wellbeing if their companies ban them from checking emails at home. Quote, "People need to deal with email in the way that suits their personality and their goal priorities in order to feel like they are adequately managing their work load." In other words: A lot of us feel like we NEED to check emails at home to stay on top of our work . . . and it's bad for us if we don't. Sure. 




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