This Week in Science: is the Universe a Giant Loop?

1. A new A.I. that writes fake news andwasdeemed "too dangerous" to release . . . has now been released.

2. The oldest example of an ape that walked on two legswasdiscovered in Germany. Now experts think our ancestors may have started walking upright millions of years earlier than we thought.

3. A group of astronomersthinkthey'vefounda discrepancy between the concentration of dark matter and dark energy in the universe. And if they're right, it could mean the universe is actually a giant loop.

4. And the astronauts on the International Space Stationgota case of fine wine delivered to them the other day . . . but they're not allowed to drink it. It'll spend a year in orbit to see how space radiation and weightlessness affects how it ages. They also justgotan oven to bake cookies with. And theycan'teat those either.



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