Last Night's Dream 1/16/18

Apparently Miley Cyrus and I went to the same High School in my dream and she was just as famous as she is now and in my dream I was mildly famous for radio.  She had an idea for a charity show for our old High School and she wanted me to be the lead singer.

Got to rehearsal and there all sorts of good food in the back and EVERYTHING is rainbow and flashy, very Miley.  We start to practice and she lets me know "Oh by the way, in order to get a bigger audience we are both going to be topless for this, cool?"  Anything for charity I guess so I went with it.  We start rehearsal and it begins with us swinging down onto the stage from wires, a lot like Pink has done in her performances.  I'm supposed to land gracefully on an elephant on stage...I biffed it! Swung off and ran right into some theater seats.  Then the music starts playing, the lyrics are on the screen so the audience can sing along, but I don't know song #1 AT ALL.

I'm panicking, the show is in like two hours and I'm topless and don't know my music.  Miley is just wondering around smoking joints with everyone.  I start practicing with my phone and looking up these lyrics.  My parents stopped by to wish me luck... thankfully not staying for the show.

I woke up with an alarm before the final performance. Thank goodness.

Sarah Ruth

Sarah Ruth

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