Last Night's Dream 3.13.18

Dream starts with a group of us out in a field.  I'm with the boyfriend Terrance and a few friends that aren't recognizable from real life.  One friend says he found something awesome in a thrift store.  It's a white orb about the size of the palm of your hand.

He says he found out if you rub it in a circle you can see through to Hell.  "Whaaaat?!"  He's says "No, no, it's cool it looks really similar to Earth, let me show you."  We're nervous, but he rubs it and a circle about 4 feet in diameter opens up in front of us (kind of like Dr. Strange's portals) and through it we can see a normal looking Walmart.

Yeah seriously, this portal opens up to a Walmart in Hell.  The friend says he wants to to go check it out and then we can come back.  I'm of course nervous, along with Terrance... who "wants" to visit Hell and can we even come back??  Whoever runs Hell will have to find out we're there right?  Philosophical questions coming up for both Terrance and I, but curiosity takes over.  We step through the portal, all 5 of us.

Walmart is normal looking, but it's definitely hotter, like 100 degrees hotter.  We just walk around and observe for a while, there are a lot of prostitutes and guys in trench coats trying to sell you things.  I'm trying to see the catch when I witness a teenager buying sour gummy worms.  After paying for them with a prick on the thumb and a bloody thumb print, the bag of gummy worms instantly turns into a bag of real worms.  The teen, shrugs and sighs and tosses the bag in the trash.

Terrance and I exchange a knowing look, but our friends want to go party.  So we leave the Walmart and walk over flaming rocks and lava streams to a brothel, they say we might as well have a drink in Hell before going back.  Terrance and I hold hands and stay close.  One friend gets dragged upstairs by a sassy woman, a blues band is playing, the others start to drink.  The blues band is playing the same 3 chords over and over.  I pick up a glass of scotch and the ground suddenly drops out, Terrance and my friends are gone.

I'm in a dark chamber standing in front of what I assume to be the devil, however he is short and awkward, like a cupid painted red with horns haha.  Basically he says now that we're here we can't leave and I beg and plead, I think about the life I still have to live with Terrance.  He laughs and I flash back into the brothel.

((This section is a little blurry to remember perfectly))

At some point I realize a selfless act will bring us back to the surface, so I call out to the devil and I confess my love for Terrance and tell him to keep me and let Terrance go.  Unfortunately at this point, there's no saving our desperate and sinning "friends".  A light shines down, the devil screams "NOOO!!" and Terrance and I are brought to the surface.  We smash the orb and I wake up.

Sarah Ruth

Sarah Ruth

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