#Trending: What Not to Wear On a First Date

Going out with someone for the first time is exciting, but it can also make you feel anxious. You worry about what you’ll say, how your date will act, and if you’ll feel any chemistry. And the last thing you need is to spend the evening worrying that you’re going to flash everyone seated nearby. So choose your first date outfit wisely and avoid wearing these things.

A brand-new pair of sky-high heels - If your new heels aren’t broken in yet, it doesn’t matter how amazing they look at the beginning of the night, by the middle of the date, you and your fourth toe will be sorry you wore them. You’re better off wearing a pair you know you can walk a few blocks in and your date won’t notice the difference anyway.Anything you’re not comfortable in - If your skirt is too short to sit comfortably in, or your dress makes you feel like you can’t stop sucking in, don’t wear that on a first date. You might think these clothes look “sexy,” but tugging and fidgeting all night isn’t sexy, it makes you look nervous and insecure. Wear something that doesn’t need to be readjusted constantly and you’ll have more fun.Too much perfume - When it comes to fragrance, you want a subtle hint of scent, you don’t want to attack your date’s nostrils. So spray cautiously, ladies.Something inappropriate for the venue - You might have already done some online research about your date, like finding out where he went to college and where his last vacation was. But you should also investigate the place you’re going to get a feel for the venue so you don’t show up to a dive bar wearing a ball gown.A quintessential “First Date” outfit - Lots of women’s magazines will advise you to wear fitted jeans, a silky blouse and heels for the “perfect” first date outfit, and if that works for you, lovely. But the whole idea is to dress for what you like and feel good in, not just wear some generic look. So put on something you feel amazing in and your confidence will show. And there’s no better look than that.

Sarah Ruth

Sarah Ruth

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