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#TRENDING 2/28/24:"Delicious" Meals People Loved as Kids, "Weird" as Adults

10 "Delicious" Meals People Loved as Kids . . . But Later Realized Were "Weird" as Adults


Many people grow up enjoying unusual food combinations . . . and they don't realize they're unusual . . . until they become adults and see that NO ONE ELSE had those kinds of meals.


People are sharing the meals THEY found to be delicious . . . and later realized were "weird" combinations. They include:


1. Ketchup sandwiches. Just ketchup and white bread. And sometimes they'd spice it up by adding bologna or sliced ham.


2. Eggo waffles with melted sharp cheddar cheese.


3. Cut-up hot dogs in EVERYTHING . . . in scrambled eggs, in boxed mac-and-cheese, in stir-fry vegetables, and on top of rice.


4. Grape jelly on grilled cheese.


5. Spaghetti noodles with canned beans.


6. Chili . . . and cinnamon rolls?


7. Making "ham salad" by grinding up uncooked hot dogs . . . and mixing them with sweet relish and mayonnaise.


8. A cubed-up baguette . . . tossed with Greek yogurt and chopped mint . . . and sometimes with honey "to make it a sweet treat."


9. Having milk to drink with spaghetti. They said, "It's super refreshing. It counters the acidity perfectly, but my Italian-American friends think it's bizarre."


10. Coffee and crackers. You take a plate, line it with saltines, pour over coffee until they're softened, then spread some sugar to taste, and eat with deli ham. It's "like a poor man's country ham, biscuits, and red-eye gravy."




(It seems like EVERYONE has a family or childhood thing like this. What's the strange food combination that YOU loved?)

Originally posted on February 28th, 2024

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